Below we list articles authored by John Craciun. Some have been published in industry related magazines and are available directly from their Editors for a fee.



MACD vs. Renko Charts*

July/Aug 2005 edition of the Traders Journal magazine (Vol. 1 Issue 1)

MACD vs. Renko

Jan/Feb 2004 edition of the Chartpoint magazine (volume 13)**


Sept/Oct 2003 edition of the Chartpoint magazine (volume 11)**

Three Line Break

May/June 2003 edition of the Chartpoint magazine (volume 9)**

The Three-line Break chart

Summer 2002 edition of the Traders’ World magazine (issue 33).

* This is a reprint of the MACD vs. Renko article, first published in Chartpoint magazine. Click here to see the two charts.

** The Singaporean ChartPoint magazine has been discontinued early in 2004 and the articles published therein have been included in the second English edition of TRC in July 2004.
ChartPoint has been reshaped as Traders Journal.

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